Saturday, 5 May 2007

NBA 2nd Round Predictions

After a first round featuring one great series (game 6 notwithstanding, GS/Dallas was fantastic), one very good series (Houston/Utah), and 1 decent series (Toronto/NJ), and 5 boring ones, we're finally on to the second round. Here's my picks:

(1) Detroit Pistons vs. (5) Chicago Bulls
In the interest of full disclosure, game 1 has been played in this series at the time I write this. Detroit thoroughly dominated to take the 1-0 lead. This won't be how the entire series goes, as I think it should be pretty competitive. The Bulls couldn't score to save their life in game 1, but they shouldn't be so bad from here on out. Game 1 has me worried, but I'll stick with my original thoughts of Bulls in 7.

(2) Cleveland Cavaliers vs. (6) New Jersey Nets
I'm not sure what to think. The Cavs have LeBron, but they weren't that impressive all year long and they were not at all impressive in round 1 (even though they swept). The Nets played pretty well in round 1, but I still have some reservations about this one. Nothing really would surprise me here... I'll just take the safe pick and go Cavs in 6.

(8) Golden State Warriors vs. (5) Utah Jazz
I actually think the Rockets would have been a lot better matchup for the Warriors. The Jazz are a little more athletic than Houston and therefore matchup better with Golden State. Still, as long as Davis' hamstring doesn't hamper him too much I still like Golden State in this series... the style is working on all cylinders right now for Nellie, and that home crowd is something else. Warriors in 6.

(2) Phoenix Suns vs. (3) San Antonio Spurs
I just think this will be an utterly fantastic series. Two great teams with completely contrasting styles of play. Either team is very talented, very well-coached, and they have to be the two favorites left to win the title. I kind of like the Spurs a little better, because I think they'll be able to slow the game down, and use their defense to get it to the pace they want. I think Tony Parker will be able to attack Steve Nash off the dribble, which will tire Nash down on the other end. I think the Spurs will have just enough... Spurs in 7.

What are your picks?